Intertego - 19" enclosures, Enclosures


Elegant design and flexible construction are the main features of this metal enclosure

  • 3 heights
  • Length and width are individually adjustable
  • 27 standard dimensions ex warehouse
  • Aluminium baseplates and top covers
  • Good EMC characteristics as standard
  • Higher shielding values possible with accessories
  • Installation of 19" components possible
  • For use as 19" chassis
  • Comprehensive range of accessories

Graphite grey, similar to RAL 7024; special colours on request
Protection class
IP 40/DIN EN 60529; with ventilation (ADL) IP 20/DIN EN 60529
Enclosure material
Profiles: Al Mg Si 0.5; diecast corners: zinc alloy Z410; seal: TPE. For details see Technical Information.
Assembly instructions
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Intertego is suitable for use as 19" enclosures. For EMC accessories, see the end of the chapter.
The enclosure’s EMC properties can be optimised by the use of special EMC components.
Wall angles or fittings make possible wall mounting in two positions.
The lateral system groove is used, for example, to hold decor strips for a colourful design.
A tower foot is available as an accessory for vertical use of the enclosure.
Tip-up feet are available as accessories and ensure that the enclosure stands securely on a desktop.
Optional handle shells can be fitted in the side profiles to make transporting the enclosure easy.
The optional handle – matched to the relevant enclosure size – also makes it easy to transport the enclosure.
Different versions of cover plates and front panels make it possible to use the enclosure for a range of applications.
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