Data provision of standard BOPLA products in 2D and 3D formats

In order to permit the development and construction of a complete device, we can provide 2D and 3D data formats. A 3D tool is available on the internet for each enclosure series – see By using this 3D tool, a three-dimensional model of the enclosures can be displayed on any computer, and it is not necessary to install any additional software.

All catalogue drawings showing our enclosure systems and accessories can be downloaded directly from the internet in DXF and PDF formats. On request, all catalogue data can also be sent in DWG format (source of data: AutoCAD) and in the .wmf or .eps image formats.

In order to ensure that we send you the drawing you require, please provide us with the following information:

  • Article number or designation of the specific article (e.g. BOTEGO 52006, not just BOTEGO)
  • The output format you require, if possible with details of the appropriate DWG or DXFversion
  • Email address
  • Contact person

After one-time registration and acceptance of our non-disclosure agreement, you can view 3D data for all our standard enclosures (STEP format) in our online product catalogue. You can register here.

If you need additional data formats, please contact your competent partner in BOPLA’s sales support team. The following formats are also available:

Data format Volume of data (unpacked) Volume of data (compressed – WINZIP)
DWG format (source of data) 100% 33%
IGES format * 230% 35%
STL format 102% 9%
SAT format 30% 8%

* We do not recommend this format because of the large volume of data and the long conversion times. 

Information regarding BOPLA's 3D data