Aluminium profile enclosure

Individually-manufactured aluminium enclosures

Aluminium profile enclosures are genuine all-rounders – their applications range from laboratory measuring equipment to their sophisticated use in machine and plant construction. The material used provides good regarding electromagnetic screening (EMC). In addition to the aluminium profile enclosures in our Alubos, Aluplan, Alurail, Alu-Topline, Alustyle, BOS-Ecoline, Combirail, Filotec and Intertego series, we offer aluminium profile enclosures manufactured individually to your own requirements.

For this enclosure type, aluminium extruded profiles form the body of the enclosure. The design of the profiles (open, closed, half-shells) and their wall thickness depend only on your requirements and the individual design of the matrix through which the metal is pressed with the aid of a punch. The matrix determines the shape of the profile and in this way of the electronics enclosure. So-called cores determine the design of the hollow space inside the profile, and these cores are also manufactured according to your specifications. The interplay between matrices and cores allows recessed areas for membrane keypads, grooves for the fitting of PCBs or mounting panels, and wall brackets for fixing or cooling fins to be moulded into the profile – in exactly the way you need.

You can choose between aluminium sheets and diecast and injection moulded parts for the end covers of the profile enclosures. There are no limits to your choice of visual design and surface improvement . We will be happy to provide individual powder coatings, lacquering, laser engraving or printing.

Cutting Aluminium Profiles

Examples of implemented projects

Mobile data logger for diagnosing switchgear problems

Advantage I: Variable lengths

One of the great advantages of profile enclosures is their variability in respect of length, because the individual enclosures can be cut to any length from the running profile. This option gives you plenty of freedom when processing electronics, and also gives you the opportunity to design complete series of enclosures based on a single profile cross-section.

Advantage II: Low tool costs

In relation to the costs of injection and/or diecast tools, the tool costs for a customer-specific aluminium profile are relatively low. The main cost factor depends on the minimum purchase quantity for the raw material, which, depending on the profile cross-section, can be from several hundred kilos to tonnes. For small cross-sections in particular, this results in a considerable profile length which is produced in one manufacturing process and must be purchased. 

Advantages of aluminium profile enclosures at a glance

  • variable in length (family of enclosures easily created)
  • reliable even under hard conditions
    • good mechanical stability
    • high protection class possible
    • temperature-resistant
  • high heat dissipation
  • good EMC screening
  • high-quality design
  • low tool costs
Application example

Comprehensive range of services

As with all our enclosures, we also offer you for individually-manufactured aluminium profile enclosures our comprehensive range of services . These range from the mechanical processing of the diecast aluminium enclosures to the integration of the electronics right up to the assembly mounting and packing of the complete units.

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