The highlights are its improved surface feel and ease of use! The various trademark rights behind Profiline`s superlative technology are certainly confirmation of our on-going developments to create keypads which offer the best haptic and ergonomic features.

The so called „short stroke“ feeling considerably improves the input interface, including for keys with extremely small or extremely large surfaces. This is guaranteed by the high-tactile, robust key-element which is fitted between the snap dome and front membrane. In addition to providing better feedback, the Profiline key areas are also extremely robust. The integrated acrylic inlay gives protection against dust and moisture and also protects the snap dome against possible deformation. Not even heavy point-specific pressure can damage the key areas. Customers`special wishes can also be implemented by arranging the inlays as required. The illustration shows a design with a rocker in a +/- key. Even the requirement for a cusor block has already been successfully achieved with Profiline inlays.

Profiline offers customers important advantages:

  • Very good tactile feedback
  • Tactile feeling to the key element
  • Optimal force distribution means less preassure on the snap dome
  • Ideal finger guiding
  • Large-surface keypads and contact elements can be manufactured
  • Freedom of design for the key shape

For integrating an especially large number of keys:

Profiline “High Spacer” and “Embedded Spacer”

Even more keys can be integrated on the existing keypad surface by using the Profiline “High Spacer” (HS) and Profiline “Embedded Spacer” (ES) variants. A raised spacer and reduced embossing height of the keys make this possible.

Profiline HS (High Spacer)
This new Profiline variant corresponds to a conventional membrane keypad in respect of assembly and mounting. However, because of the raised basic body, the membrane area must be recessed further. The height of the spacer which is actually required is dependent on the keypad layout and is determined in accordance with the project, but must be at least 2.5 mm. Depending on the complexity of the circuit layout, the base can be effected both as a membrane and a PCB. In addition, with the use of a transparent tracer material, there are completely new opportunities for integrating more LEDs and large-area backlighting effects.

Profiline ES (Embedded Spacer)
In its basic assembly, Profiline ES corresponds to the Profiline HS variant. However, in this case the keypad is completely integrated in the enclosure, with the enclosure wall in effect forming the spacer. This concept allows the depth of the recessed membrane area to be drastically reduced, or it is not required at all. This means that the principle behind the Profiline ES can be used for any enclosures. For special enclosures, the break-outs for the keys or inlays can be integrated in the tool at low cost. As with the Profiline HS, the required thickness of the inlay can be varied and adapted to the height of the embossing.

For dark ambient conditions: Profiline backlit!

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