Copper technology – An advantage which only BOPLA offers

In addition to keypads based on conductive silver, we also manufacture high-quality keypads with copper-laminated base membranes, galvanically silver-plated , and gold-plated on request. The copper-laminated material is extremely flexible, so there is almost no possibility of breaks to the membrane cable, and problems such as silver migration are practically impossible.

Instead of using an adhesive as in the case of conductive silver technology, we can safely and permanently solder LEDs, photo diodes or other components, and these are features which give our customers the security they require for everyday use.

Our membrane keypads are suitable for many fields of application, including medical technology, the automotive industry, and the waste management and recycling industry. When hygiene is a major requirement, or the systems are exposed to extreme external influences, we supply the ideal input device for every situation!

The technologies used in very different products, for example Profiline, Nightdesign or Doming, ensure that your membrane keypad is both technically sophisticated and attractive to look at! You can specify the size, design and colour of all your membrane keypads, and our team is always ready to help you.