Transparent touch keys

Individual solutions exactly according to your requirements

Today, capacitive HMI systems are available in many devices and are part of the latest state of technology. However, there are enormous differences in the level of operating comfort for each application. This relates to the installation situation and the resulting setting and environment. The design of the printed conductors and sensor surfaces also affects the system’s operating conduct. Environmental conditions such as water or metal in the key sector complicate this situation.

With regard to the sensors, BOPLA makes use of the material which is most suitable for the application. This can be a highly-conductive metal mesh or additively-printed transparent conductive paste. In addition, it makes sense to integrate the chip as closely as possible to the key on the printed membrane. Also, key, slider and matrix sensors can be implemented.

For all applications there are individual solutions which we manufacture according to your exact wishes and the requirements of your product.

A summary of the technical details:

  • Transparencies >85%
  • Optimal choice of material for the applications
  • An evaluation unit can be integrated in the membrane
  • Serial interface: I2C, SPI, UART, USB

Example of application
A standard e-paper display can be retrofitted with a touch sensor and controller. This implements soft keys quickly and efficiently. Key, slider and matrix sensors are all also possible.