Manufacturing / Assembly

You‘ve developed a great idea for a new electronic product – but you need support with the optimal design of your electronic module? Then you should be talking to us! Our electronics specialists accompany you from your system idea to series production. This means that we advise and support you in the technological development, production optimisation and mounting of your electronic product. This allows you to concentrate on your core competences.

You benefit from our electronics services as a result of economic efficiency and short delivery times. In addition, consistent quality management in order production ensures the constant high standard of the modules.
Note: We are also glad to support you in the choice or design of a suitable individual enclosure and the system integration, i.e. the mechanical and electronic completion of your device. You can contact us at any time.

Our services in the electronics manufacturing sector comprise

•    axial and radial insertion of modules (THT insertion)
•    SMD insertion of all design shapes up to 01005, BGA, µBGA or Fine-Pitch (0.3 mm)
•    high-precision and performance automatic machines for all batch sizes
•    reflow and flow soldering equipment (including soldering in a nitrogen atmosphere)
•    selective soldering equipment
•    screwing and soldering robots
•    automatic lacquering of modules
•    load-free milling of multiple panels by means of automatic CNC machines

Our soldering methods

•    Reflow oven: SMT full convection unit for a PCB width up to max. 400 mm (special
     sizes possible on request)
•    Vapour phase soldering unit for uniformly constant soldering temperatures for the 
     entire module
•    RoHS-compliant flow soldering unit: full tunnel unit with pre-heating stations, flux
     spray unit and cooling tunnel for achieving all standard soldering profiles and
     processes using a protective atmosphere
•   Selective process for soldering temperature-sensitive components and the soldering-
     on of pre-assembled modules. The advantages are high reproducibility, with no need
     for time-consuming and expensive solder masks and covers (selective heat

In addition to fully-automatic insertion, we offer the following services for manual insertion and the manufacture of special parts

•    conventional insertion of all component shapes
•    RFID-controlled double flow soldering machine and double spray nozzle
•    in-house department for production of small and special series
•    reworking station for replacing BGAs, QFPs etc. without any risk to the components (BGA reballing system)
•    small automatic dispenser for applying soldering paste