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To ensure that even in these difficult times you can inform yourself about the latest trends and developments in the enclosure, membrane keypad/HMI sectors and more, we have combined all the highlights for you on our digital trade fair stand. We look forward to receiving your enquiry about your project, and we will always be available to answer any questions!

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Our trade fair highlights – let them inspire you:


Bocube & Bocube Alu

A new generation of industrial enclosures for your next project!

We answer your questions:

  • How does an enclosure function if it has no screws?
  • And in addition, what makes these new enclosures so special?
  • How can an enclosure be adapted to my corporate design?

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Membrane keypads / HMI

The interface between the user and your electronics.

We answer your questions:

  • What are the latest “intelligent electronics” trends?
  • Touch/display unit or classic membrane keypad – which technology is the right one for my application?

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Customed design

Custom-designed enclosures to meet your exact needs!

We answer your questions:

  • Which processing method is the right one for my project?
  • What are the advantages of a custom-designed enclosure?
  • What is the difference between a custom-designed enclosure and a standard product?

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True to our motto “If you can’t come to BOPLA, we are happy to come to you”, our 360° tour of BOPLA allows you to visit us without leaving your desk. Click or scroll to move through the building, and the 360° view tour will show you our manufacturing capabilities.

Ideal for your next project:


Switch cabinet enclosure made of impact-proof polyester

Product characteristics

  • 300x250x140 mm up to 800x600x300 mm
  • IP66, IK 10, light grey, 8 sizes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • High stability because of glass-fibre-reinforced polyester


Modular top hat rail enclosure with form factor acc. to DIN 43880

Product characteristics

  • 6 sizes; 3 cover variants
  • Integrated top hat rail mounting
  • Matching connection terminals as accessories
  • Sets are available for a fast project start


Especially ergonomic, and more than just a hand-held enclosure

Product characteristics

  • 130x75x26 mm up to 285x198x46 mm
  • Up to IP65, black / white, 5 basic sizes
  • Battery compartment, design seal, impact protection
  • Optimised for touch screens / displays

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Processing, printing, lacquering, lasering, mounting, assembling, testing, packing ... That‘s not a problem!

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When you receive your copy of edition 5.0 of THE RED BOOK, you will see that its concept is quite different from that of previous editions. With its focus on highlights in the enclosure technology, HMI and services sectors, the new catalogue is:

  • much more compact,
  • but also more informative!

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Did you know? We support you and your project with a free sample.
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As enclosure specialists, our aim is to ensure that as early as the development phase, your valuable electronics, including all interfaces, display and operating elements, are securely packed in accordance with their function and as near to series production requirements as possible. This is why it is important for us to support you in choosing the right enclosure by providing a free sample .

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