Free 2D / 3D software

If you do not already have any 2D / 3D software, we recommend the free software listed below. Please read the liability notice carefully.


Our CAD files (DXF) can be used in conjunction with any CAD software or freeware such as QCAD with customer-specific processing. The DXF files created in this way can then be used directly for production in our processing centres.


STP Viewer

Download "STP Viewer"



Liability notice

We wish to point out that the reference to the above-mentioned free software is a service feature. In this context, BOPLA does not accept any responsibility or liability because we are not responsible for the contents of the above-mentioned websites. It is solely your responsibility to protect your systems against virus attacks or other command sequences which can be harmful to your systems by setting up appropriate protection programs. The purpose of the software is to facilitate 2D / 3D views of our products. However, we cannot guarantee an exact representation of any product views which are created by the programs. Binding promises in respect of characteristics can only be determined from the descriptions of products and materials prepared by BOPLA. Of course, please do not hesitate to ask for individual advice from one of our employees.