Glueing of display screens

Increasingly, screw or rivet connections are being replaced by lower-cost glued connections, and this also applies to electronics enclosures. Our glueing experts are ready to advise you when the glueing of elements such as partition walls, pressure compensation elements or display screens is recommended, and in which cases you should go back to a removable screw connection.

Our experts also know which glue is suitable for the material of the enclosure which you have selected for your application. This is because numerous parameters need to be considered when choosing the appropriate glue. In addition to the material for the enclosure, these include the operating temperature of the device and ambient conditions such as humidity, moisture and temperature.

On request we will carry out all glueing work for you.

Glueing display screens

Applications with displays require enclosures “with a view”. For many of our enclosures, the matching display screens are part of our scope of delivery as standard and are supplied loose with the enclosures.

You don‘t want to fit the display screens yourself? No problem! On request we will prepare an optimal glueing process for you, or supply you with the enclosures already fitted with mounted or glued-in display screens. This service also includes printing the display screens according to your specifications before they are integrated into the enclosures. Learn more about our HMI integration, and let us make you an offer which helps you to reduce your risk of rejects.

Note: We glue the display screens according to our in-house work instructions. However, if you have any special requests, please inform us of these so that we can take them into consideration.

Please note our information on printing display screens.

Please read our General Processing Instructions.