Fitting membrane keypads

We design and manufacture membrane keypads and front membranes to your exact specifications

Depending on the application, we use copper-laminated carrier foils as a basis, or conducting paths applied using the screen printing process – in this way, we achieve optimal quality for every application. On request we also integrate the membrane keypads and front membranes in supporting plates, or we carry out pre-mounting on enclosures from our product range. In this case we guarantee very high fit accuracy for all components and keypad adhesive layers, which are adapted optimally to the different enclosure surfaces.

Note: The degree of tolerance must be taken into account in the planning of membrane keypads or front membranes on a supporting plate or in the enclosure. The contour can be designed as required to meet the requirements for each application.

Please note: For the manufacture of membrane keypads and front membranes, our goal is to find the lowest-cost method of production for you. This depends on the size of the order and the size of the keypad. In order for us to prepare a realistic offer, we need you to provide us with the total quantity of membrane keypads or front membranes that you require, and also the relevant batch sizes.

Please read our General Processing Instructions.