Measurement and instrumentation applications

Versatile – BOPLA enclosures for measuring and instrumentation applications

Whether devices are used for data collection and transfer, for voltage testing and supply, or for measuring the quality of air and water – all of them protect your electronics by means of application-specific enclosure solutions. The individual requirements vary according to where they are used. However, normally a visually appealing design and large areas for fitting operating units such as keys or displays are required. For mounting on walls or DIN rails, the enclosure systems must provide at least optional or suitable mounting options. Desktop applications require inclined enclosures, and for mobile applications an ergonomic design is desirable to ensure comfortable handling.

BOPLA‘s product range includes the right solution for all of these requirements and for every possible application. All our electronics enclosures are suitable for use in the measurement, control and instrumentation sector and for all enclosure solutions in the automation sector.

Typical applications include:

  • Data loggers
  • Control systems for outdoor equipment
  • System modules for automation technology
  • Sensor technology and optoelectronics (e.g. control and alarm devices)
  • Peripheral devices and data collection in the laboratory and research

All our enclosure series are suitable for use in measurement and instrumentation applications:

In our online catalogue you can find an overview of all our products!


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