Audio, video and lighting technology

Lights off, sound on – BOPLA enclosures for audio, video and lighting technology

A high level of functionality and large areas for the fitting of keys and displays are decisive factors for electronics enclosures used in the events technology sector.

An elegant design is an advantage when the enclosures, combined for example with high-grade woods, contain the electronics of modern audio amplifiers for home use. This is where in particular aluminium profile enclosures which provide mechanical strength and high levels of EMC screening for the sensitive electronic components can score points.

The enclosure series in the BOPLA product range are primarily suitable for the installation of control systems for lighting installations and pyrotechnics or for the integration of mixing consoles or audio amplifiers:

Of course you can also use all our other enclosure series. In our online catalogue you will find an overview of all our products!

Examples of existing projects