Security and building technology

Attractive – BOPLA enclosure for security and building technology

In modern office or apartment buildings, but also increasingly in private homes, computers are taking over the control of heating and ventilation systems and other infrastructure such as lighting, alarm systems or telecommunications. In smart homes they also network and regulate household appliances and consumer electronics. These are devices which are normally used in public rooms, or in a living and work environment, so they need enclosures which not only securely protect the electronics but also have a visually attractive and elegant design and offer the option of integrating touch screens. In addition, in this sector electronics enclosures must be able to function as a human/machine and machine/machine interface (HMI + MMI).

This also applies for example to panel PCs, which are an indispensable element in many typical HMI applications found in security and building technology. Frequently they are used – as flat as possible – in walls, especially cavity walls, without anybody seeing the required stable connection between the panel PC and the wall.

Our enclosure system series includes the electronics enclosures which are typically used in the security and building technology sector:

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