Machinery and plant engineering

Tough equipment – BOPLA enclosures for machinery and plant engineering applications

Automatic machine controls, hand-held devices for operating machinery and plant, devices for data acquisition during production – these are typical examples of uses for electronic enclosures in the machinery and plant engineering sectors.

The enclosures are normally exposed to the harsh ambient conditions found in industrial production, and this is why they require a high level of ingress protection (IP) and high impact resistance (IK). In addition, the input devices which are used should be robust and wear-resistant.

When used for modern operation of the devices via touch screen or visualisation of process sequences, the electronics enclosures should offer the option to integrate touch screens and/or displays, and be easy to read. A high level of operator friendliness is self-evident.

Our enclosure systems which meet these requirements – so they are ideal for use in machinery and plant engineering – include the following series:

Of course, all the other enclosure series can also be used in the machinery and plant engineering sector.
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