Autotex AM – anti-microbial decor

Anti-microbial decor material für membrane keypads and decor foils. Autotex AM protects against numerous strains of bacteria, e.g. MRSA, salmonella spp, etc. The hard-coated polyester foil incorporates “Microban” for built-in anti-microbial protection. If bacteria come into contact with Microban, its anti-microbial function splits the cell walls of the bacteria, so preventing their growth ans reproduction.

Anti-microbial membrane keypads and décor foils are primarily used in areas where there is a danger of infection, such as hospitals, doctors` practices, supermarkets, canteens, buildings which are open to the public, and public transport.

The manufacturer of the foil guarantees correct function during the entire lifetime of the product. Autotex AM is available in thicknesses 150u and 200u. Autotex AM does not lead to any restrictions in design – the foils can be designed to meet customers` individual wishes.