Front membranes – for protection and visual design

Front membranes are used primarily to protect the surface of devices, machines and plant. They resist dirt, scratches and abrasion , so they extend the operating life. Now enquire about your individual front membrane and protect your devices for the long-lasting operation!

A summary of the advantages of a front membrane at a glance:

  • We supply starting from a batch size of 50 units
  • Wide range of design options with one or more colours
  • High-quality materials and workmanship
  • Marking of machines
  • Reliable protection against dirt and water
  • Protection against abrasion ensures a longer operating life

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High-quality operating membrane in daily use

With BOPLA you achieve effective protection of the surface structure of your plant and machinery by means of the cover with the front membrane or operating membrane. In addition to their protective effect, they can also be essential as a visual design element for the products you use.

The material used for the membranes is scratch-resistant and of high quality, so it ensures reliable protection even under the most difficult circumstances or against chemical influences. In addition, they resist water and other dirt and impurities. When devices need fast and frequent disinfection, front membranes offer an important advantage because the surface finish can be cleaned quickly and the cleaning agent does not affect the device.

As a rule, the material used for the front membranes consists of polyester membrane, but can also be made of polycarbonate. We also use a high-quality adhesive. A high-performance adhesive or transfer adhesive can be used for special applications. On request the print is applied by means of the silk screen or digital process. We print the operating membranes with your design or according to your specifications. For digital or silk screen printing we use a “mirror-inverted” method and print the inside of the front membrane. This protects the design or the marking of the front against dust and other influences .

What our customers say:

Zitat Meiller
F.X. MEILLER Fahrzeug- und Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG / brehmermechatronics, Germany

BOPLA has helped us to implement MEILLER-related specifications and has given us excellent advice and support with regard to enclosure size, choice of seal and keypad design. For our next projects, too, we will make use of BOPLA’s enclosures and keypads.

Moritz Schmidt, Development Manager at brehmermechatronics
Zitat FSP
FSP Prüfgeräte & Prüfadapter e.K., Essen / Germany, lamp testing equipment

As long ago as 2001, together with BOPLA we developed the first front panels with membrane keys. We supplied the design, and BOPLA then took over implementation completely. We say that one advantage is the enclosures’ long product cycles – this helps us to save on costs, because there’s no need for us to keep manufacturing front panels for new enclosures.

Sven Thiel, Managing Director

When are front membranes used?

Front membranes and keypad membranes are found in many applications in almost all sectors. Front and operating membranes are frequently used as a cover when touch screens are integrated in an enclosure. Special requirements need special solutions, and this is why BOPLA also offers front membranes made of antibacterial material and with any key embossing that is required, breakthroughs or windows and with tactile keys.

Devices, plant or objects on which the operating membranes are frequently used:

  • Industrial control systems and machines
  • Cash register systems and food scales
  • Laboratory equipment and measuring instruments

Order front membranes or operating membranes from BOPLA

We create specially-manufactured front membranes for your devices and provide you with the individual solution for your project. Functionality and high-quality processing are at the heart of our front membranes and other HMI systems.

This is why we offer you a complete package including the following components and/or services:

Customer-specific implementation – our comprehensive range of services ensures that every customer receives the ideal result. We will be happy to answer any of your questions or to give you more advice about our offer. Now you can purchase front membranes online and keep devices protected and visually attractive.

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