As a service, BOPLA also offers engraving on a very wide range of components. Engraving involves the cutting of letters or images in aluminium and plastic components, for example in enclosures, part front panels, plug-in front panels and profiles.

To do this, classical engraving takes place using a graver or a cutter on the surfaces. During this process, the rotating tools remove material, creating a visual contrast to the background. This effect can be increased by adding colour. However, this is only possible on an anodised surface. The most usual colour is black, but other colours can also be used. All font types and symbols can be achieved, but the font should not be wider than 1 mm, and the font height should be at least 3 mm.

One advantage for the customer is that this type of engraving can provide permanent lettering. The good contrast which is created in this way can withstand most external mechanical effects. A serial number can also be engraved.

No minimum quantities are required for an order.

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