DIN rail enclosures

Ready for the rail: BOPLA's DIN rail enclosures

DIN rail enclosures are frequently used for measurement, control and instrumentation applications, and the preference is for mounting on standard DIN rails. Such applications are often individual, so a wide range of DIN rail enclosures is required – BOPLA's series meet this challenge. Whether they are made of plastic or metal, with or without a bus connection, with or without air vents: the range of products for this special type of enclosure is enormous.


Of course, all DIN rail enclosures can be fitted with terminals, and these are also part of our offer, together with additional accessories (hoods, front panels, earthing sets, etc.). For use as an integrated status display, the enclosures can be fitted mechanically and at any time with a cut-out which incorporates a display window and a matching membrane keypad.

Advantages of our DIN rail enclosures:

  • protection class up to IP40
  • available in different sizes
  • supplied in light grey, graphite grey, black and natural-coloured anodised
  • simple snap-lock technology ensures fast mounting
  • wide range of accessories e.g. matching terminal blocks

Examples of applications in the DIN rail enclosure sector:

To match your new DIN rail enclosure: HMI systems and membrane keypads for every requirement

  • High-quality processing
  • User-friendly operation thanks to functional keys and additional individual features
  • Ideal for customer-specific designs – both technically and with regard to design
  • Resistant to the effects of industrial environments
  • Suitable for integration in electronics enclosures and your own operating units


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  • 25x75x42mm up to 68x105x990mm
  • Up to IP40
  • Natural-coloured anodised
  • 2 basic sizes; 7 standard sizes
  • Variable positioning of the modules
  • For use as single-board enclosure


  • 32x89x84mm up to 32x139x204mm
  • Protection class: none
  • Light grey / Black
  • 3 sizes
  • 3 standard lengths
  • Easy-to-install snap-in technology
  • 100°C temperature resistance


Combinorm Classic
  • 23x75x110mm up to 100x75x110mm
  • Up to IP40
  • Light grey
  • 5 sizes
  • Various connection terminals
  • Terminal approvals acc. to UL 1059, CSA 22.2 No.158 and EN 60998


CombiNorm Compact
  • 19x75x111mm up to 26x75x111mm
  • Up to IP40
  • Light grey    
  • 3 sizes; 2 cover variants
  • Patented pre-mounted foot catch
  • Matching connection terminals as accessories


CombiNorm Connect
  • 18x99x115mm up to 90x99x115mm
  • IP20
  • Light grey
  • 7 widths incl. front panels and covers
  • Minimal width with maximum number of poles
  • DIN rail bus connection


CombiNorm Control
  • 89x90x65mm up to 214x90x65mm
  • IP20
  • Light grey    
  • 5 sizes; 3 cover variants
  • Integrated top hat rail fixing
  • Sets for fast project entry

Interzoll Case

Interzoll Case
  • 44x483x180mm up to 133x483x300mm
  • Up to IP40
  • Untreated/anodised aluminium
  • Standard and EMC version
  • Customer-specific sizes are possible
  • Cost-effective stamping and bending process

We offer you the following services for these products:

01 Mechanische Bearbeitung


02 Bedrucken


03 Laserbeschriften

Laser marking

05 Bestuecken


06 EMV Beschichten

EMC coating

09 Wunschfarbe

Preferred colour

13 Tastaturen

Membrane keypads

07 Touch Display

Touch / display integration

08 Montieren


11 Pruefen


12 Verpackung

Individual packing

10 Musterservice

Sample service