Diecast aluminium enclosures

Individually-manufactured diecast aluminium enclosures

In addition to our standard enclosures made of aluminium diecast alloys – including the Bocube Alu and Euromas Alu series – we also manufacture diecast aluminium enclosures. In doing this, we not only implement your visual and technical requirements precisely – on request we also give you comprehensive advice about the optimal design and moulding of your electronics enclosure.

Every application-specific enclosure geometry can be depicted without any problems with the aid of the diecast tool required for the production of the enclosures. We maintain constant dialogue with you during the development of the tool so that any alterations or optimisations can be carried out quickly. In addition we advise you about possible surface improvements and the visual design of the diecast aluminium enclosures and, if required, we can provide individual powder coatings, lacquering,laser engraving or printing. We can also offer you a comprehensive package of services ranging from mechanical processing of the diecast aluminium enclosures to the integration of the electronics right up to the mounting and packing of the complete units.

Examples of implemented projects

Heat sink for installation in a plastic enclosure

Control unit for sound management system exhaust characteristics in motor vehicles

Advantage: Low unit costs

Diecast aluminium enclosures, like all metal enclosures, are recommended especially for challenging use in mechanical and plant construction, and when high demands are made regarding electromagnetic screening (EMC). However, the main advantage of the diecast process is the low unit costs for series manufacture of electronics enclosures. In addition, a tool with several cavities can be made for very large production quantities. In this way, several enclosures can be produced in one casting process, which also reduces the unit costs. On the other hand, the cost of tools is relatively high and only economical for annual quantities of 500 to 1,000 pieces. The same applies to zinc and magnesium diecast enclosures.

The advantages of diecast aluminium enclosures at a glance 

  • reliable even under extreme conditions
    • high level of impact resistance
    • high stability
    • high protection class
    • temperature-resistant
    • resistant to chemicals
  • high heat dissipation
  • good EMC screening
  • high-quality design
  • low unit costs

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