Declaration of confidentiality

Information regarding BOPLA's 3D data:

The electronic data prepared by BOPLA are used only to illustrate the products to be purchased from BOPLA and are to be treated confidentially. Trademark rights exist for BOPLA products, and BOPLA will pursue any infringements of these rights through both the civil and criminal courts. The 3D data prepared by BOPLA do not correspond 100% to the production article illustrated; for example, under certain circumstances, the part-sections may be represented in simplified form or may be completely missing.

The 3D data merely support dimensioning functions, cross-sections, comments etc., and, in consequence, are only used for illustration purposes. Technical specifications and characteristics cannot be derived from these.

The following standards apply to the manufacture of BOPLA products:

  • Tolerances for plastic acc. to DIN 16901; standard products are subject to tolerances acc. to DIN 16901. In the case of special materials, the nominal dimensions vary according to the shrinkage difference in respect of the standard material and any tolerance groups which may occur
  • Tolerances for die casting acc. to DIN 1688
  • Tolerances for aluminium profiles acc. to DIN 17615

Detailed information on these is listed in the “Technical data” section of the current version of our main catalogue.

Insofar as we make technical information available there, this is to the best of our knowledge. However, the provision of this information does not free the contractual partner from testing for himself the suitability of this information in respect of the processes or purposes which he intends to carry out. The decision as to whether our products are suitable for the applications intended by the contractual partner is his own responsibility. This liability on the part of BOPLA in connection with the provision of technical information is excluded except in the case of intent or gross negligence.

We reserve the right to carry out product optimisation, changes to materials and corrections to drawings (in particular relating to the 3D data).