Enclosure solutions for start-ups – we are here for you right from the start!

Do you still need to find the matching packaging for the electronics of your new product?
While you were looking, you have certainly asked yourself at least one of these questions!

What characteristics must my enclosure have in order to deal with all the environmental conditions?

When using CNC machining, what must I think about to ensure optimal installation in the enclosure of all the components?

I need an HMI interface to the electronics. What is the best way to integrate it in the enclosure?

Then BOPLA is the right partner for you!

  • intensive consulting – on request, also directly on-site or via video
  • individually-designed enclosures – according to your specifications and to match your company’s corporate identity
  • suitable for your components – cable penetrations, cut-outs or other mechanical processing
  • for the perfect final look – upgrading options such as printing, lacquering or laser marking
  • easy operation – membrane keypads and touch/display solutions to meet your requirements
  • everything from a single source – HMI integration, assembly, wiring and cable packaging

    Here’s why BOPLA is the right partner for you:

    • Samples – we are happy to support you by providing samples of enclosures, and on request even with manufacturing
    • Support from the first moment of your project – we give you comprehensive advice on site or via video
    • Visualisation of your product in the form of 3D-printed prototypes
    • • On your premises, at our headquarters in Bünde (East Westphalia-Lippe) or via video... our team of experts from the HMI, CNC processing, prototype construction and engineering sectors is always ready to assist and advise you.

    Contact us now!

    BOPLA enclosures in use – projects from successful start-ups:

    NaturTech Oberland

    An innovative device for generally scaring off wild animals – acoustic and visual signals ensure that wild animals are kept away from dangerous places and areas, for example to protect new-born fawns.

    What’s in it:

    DroidDrive – Ducktrain

    An electric and automated lightweight vehicle as an emission-free solution for inner-city and industrial logistics. Ducktrain is the perfect vehicle for use in narrow alleys in town and city centres with the aim of replacing bulky delivery vehicles in urban situations.

    What’s in it:

    Tip: 19" enclosures are especially modular and offer very individual designs. We’ll be happy to advise you on the best components for your application.


    Installation monitoring system for offshore wind turbine components to improve the generation of renewable energies. The enclosure is part of a set which consists of a motion sensor, a base station and a monitoring app.

    What’s in it:

    • Bocube enclosure B 261709 PC-V0-7024, IP68, graphite grey with manually-operated hinged catch
    • machine processing for the display cut-out
    • membrane keypads in screen print

    We asked – and this what start-ups say about us!

    Measuring equipment for quality control in the chemical industry, or operating panels for shooting ranges: our enclosure solutions are used in the most diverse products. Our team of experts is the strong partner at your side, accompanying your firm from the initial idea.

    InProSense - The next generation of process analysis systems

    “Even at university we often used BOPLA enclosures for development work. It was primarily the products’ good quality and the wide range of different models which really convinced us. For this product we were looking for an enclosure which on the one hand has an attractive design. On the other hand it needed to be easy for the customer to open, e.g. to change the inner mountings. The Bocube with its hinged catches is ideal for that.”

    René Ungermann, graduate chemist, managing director of InProSense


    Start-up company InProSense develops innovative and new types of analysis systems for process analytics. For this reason they developed a quality control measuring instrument to enable fast, low-cost measuring of various liquids and solids. As sample vessels they used test tubes on a Bocube enclosure which are extremely low-cost, so they can be disposed of after use.

    F&M Maschinenbau – CNC machinery is always in sight

    »Cooperation and communication with BOPLA were excellent. The fact that BOPLA takes over not only the enclosure but also all the necessary steps until the unit is ready for use is a great help for us. It means that we don’t need to look for a partner for every stage, and what’s more, we get the very best advice.«

    Jonas Burghardt, technical manager at Hardware Engineering

    In the past, a worker knew his machine inside and out. He sensed and he heard if there was a problem. In the age of digitisation, Industry 4.0 and a shortage of specialists, it is sensors and software solutions which take on these tasks. One such solution is smartblick from F&M Maschinenbau (F&M). With their smartblick technology , the metal cutting specialists developed a concept with which they can observe round the clock the utilisation of a heterogeneous CNC machine park. When the system is integrated in our Alustyle enclosure, it immediately reports malfunctions and stoppages.


    Now ask for sample enclosures so that your ideas and visions take shape!

    We know how difficult it is, right at the start of a new project, to take everything into consideration when planning and arranging electronic components. It’s true that by using our 3D data you have an opportunity to plan many details in theory – but there’s nothing better than a practical test with genuine components.

    That’s why we make extra efforts to support start-ups with sample enclosures, including machining if required. Simply use the shopping cart function to put together the products which you require and send us your enquiry.

    We will make sure that you receive the requested products as soon as possible!

    Now request samples!

    Especially popular for start-ups: Bocube & Bocube Alu – the new generation of industrial enclosures!

    Thanks to uncomplicated assembly and their uniquely wide range of features and components, BOCUBE enclosures made of flame-retardant or self-extinguishing ABS and polycarbonate UL 94 V0 materials (up to IP68) and aluminium (IP69) really stand out. At the same time, the enclosures have excellent mechanical characteristics.

    In order to give your industrial enclosure that individual look, the patented hinged clasps are available in many colours, which ensures that they adapt visually to your corporate design. Even in their standard versions, the high level of tightness and the high load-bearing capacity of many of our enclosures provide considerable protective functions and guarantee stability.

    How about an overview?

    This is where you can find all our standard enclosures at a glance, and where, from our plastic and aluminium enclosures – up to IP69 –, you can choose the right product for your electronics!

    Have you already got clear ideas about your enclosure?

    If you already know the dimensions, protection class and materials, then by using our enclosure finder you can choose the right enclosure for your application.

    Are you interested in an individual enclosure solution?

    We will manufacture an enclosure according to your specifications - from the original idea up to series production!

    Contact us now – we are looking forward to your project enquiry!

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