Automotive engineering / Aeronautics

Unshakeable – BOPLA enclosures for automotive engineering

Automation is constantly increasing in the field of automotive technology / aeronautics. Today, many processes are already fully-automated and simplify the work of operators of construction machinery and others. Vehicle data are recorded in transport technology and in local public transport and transferred to central control centres. At the same time, electronic control and alarm systems increase safety levels for everybody involved.

The electronics and sensors which are necessary for this purpose require protective enclosures which satisfy the wide range of requirements for mobile use. These include a functional design and operator friendliness and, above all, a high level of IP protection (for outdoor use) and high impact and vibration resistance.

Our enclosures in the following series completely and easily satisfy all these requirements:

Of course, all the other enclosure series can also be used in the vehicle engineering and aeronautics sectors.
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