Metal enclosures

Metal enclosures manufactured to your individual specifications

Are you looking for a custom-designed metal enclosure?

We manufacture both standard and custom-designed metal enclosures using different processes and alloys: Diecast aluminium enclosures, zinc or magnesium diecast enclosures, steel or aluminium sheet metal enclosures, and profile enclosures made using extruded aluminium profiles.

Individually-manufactured metal enclosures are especially sturdy and provide a high level of stability and impact strength. Their high chemical and temperature resistance makes them ideal for use in rough environmental conditions.


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Small manufacturing quantities can be produced at low cost

Metal enclosures offer a good opportunity for EMC screening because the base material is electrically conductive. Small manufacturing quantities of individual metal enclosures can be produced at low cost.

We implement your visual and technical requirements exactly, and on request we can provide a wide range of surface improvements such as individual powder coatings, lacquering, laser engraving or printing.

Examples of implemented projects

Arrest system for fire protection closures as part of track-bound conveyor systems

Abs Sicherheitstechnik Vertriebs- und Service GmbH · Purpose: Arrest system for fire protection closures as part of track-bound conveyor systems

Multi-piece bent metal enclosure for use in metal testing

2 U enclosure for installation in a 19” rack used in audio technology

Desktop enclosure for dermatological uses

Hose pump control in a modern design

Console enclosure for medical technology

Modified standard enclosure for an individual appearance

Top hat rail enclosure using bent metal technology

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Panel enclosures

Because of the constantly growing demand for panel enclosures, please let us give you more information about this kind of metal enclosure. Panel enclosures are used more and more in practice – for example, to observe and analyse certain processes. One of our customers’ main wishes is often to have their own machine and plant control fitted with a large display.

A panel enclosure consists of the following components:

  • front panel,

  • HMI (touch, membrane keypad etc.) and

  • the rear hood made of stainless steel, aluminium or sheet steel (galvanised as necessary), galvanised, chromated, anodised, lacquered or powdered

and is normally installed in a switch cabinet, a wall or even directly in the machine.

At BOPLA we always adapt our panel enclosures to match customers’ individual requirements. However, construction data already exist for some sizes on the basis of standard display sizes which we can relatively easily adapt to customers’ needs. Of course, in addition to the design and production of individually-manufactured metal enclosures, BOPLA also carries out further enclosure-related services . These range from the mechanical processing of the metal enclosures to the integration of the electronics right up to the assembly of all components and packaging of the complete units.

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Interzoll Case: The cost-effective metal enclosure – individual and tailor-made.

Interzoll Case is manufactured for specific projects using the stamping and bending process, which makes a large number of variants possible. You can choose whether your enclosure is for use as a console enclosure, desktop enclosure, DIN rail enclosure, monitor enclosure, cavity wall installation enclosure or 19” enclosure . Fast implementation is possible thanks to its ready-made enclosure concept. Enclosure break-throughs and holders for PCBs can be carried out in a flexible way. Ventilation openings are available on request anywhere in the basic body. In addition, the enclosure is ideal for the integration of membrane keypads and touch screens.