Silk screen and pad printing

We use silk screen and pad printing in accordance with your specifications in RAL, Pantone or HKS colours.

Our modern machinery and high-quality ink guarantee optimal print quality.

Your advantages

  • High level of coverage
  • Special colours are available, e.g. gold, silver, etc.
  • Extremely tough and durable

Silk screen printing

Silk screen printing is a printing process which uses a wiper-like tool called a squeegee to force the printing ink through a finely-woven fabric (mesh) onto the material to be printed. On those sections of the fabric where the motif does not require ink, the fabric’s mesh openings must be made impermeable by means of a stencil.

Pad printing

With pad printing, the printing block carries in its surface the lower image which is to be printed. The squeegee forces the ink into the lower print image and removes all the excess ink. At the same time as the squeegee is operating, a silicone rubber pad moves from the substrate to the mould. The pad is lowered onto the block and takes over the print image. This means that pad printing is an indirect printing process. The pad then lifts off and moves to the material which is to be printed on.

Your specifications

So that we can provide the printing which you require, we need the following details or information:

  • Ink colour(s)
  • Print image
  • Type and size of font
  • Print position(s)

You can supply the template in the following ways:

  • As a sketch
  • As a sample
  • As a drawing

In order for us to process your enquiries as quickly as possible, please provide us with the necessary information in these file formats!