Medical technology

Spotless – BOPLA enclosures for medical technology

Hygiene is of paramount importance in medical technology. For this reason, in general enclosures used in this sector must have easy-to-clean surfaces without dirt-collecting edges. This is especially important for diagnostic devices or analysers found in operating theatres. However, it also applies to peripheral devices typically used for data recording in a laboratory or for research purposes. In order to provide protection against bacteria, the enclosures can also be equipped with antimicrobial membrane keypads and decor foils.

In addition to easy-to-clean surfaces, an attractive design, good ergonomics and pleasant haptics are required above all for enclosures for cosmetic devices, including for manicures or pedicures, but also for hand-held operating devices for beds and for alarms and emergency call systems.

In every case, what are needed are bright colours with a fresh and clean effect. Our light-grey enclosures are perfect for this! However, on request we can provide any other customer-specific colour, including white, pale pink or pale turquoise.

The following enclosure series from our product range are recommended for use in the medical technology sector:

Examples of existing projects

Of course all other enclosure series can be used in the medical technology sector.
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  • 130x75x26 mm up to 285x198x46 mm
  • Up to IP65
  • Black / White
  • 5 basic sizes (flat / inclined)
  • Battery compartment, design seal, impact protection
  • for touch screens / displays

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  • 89x80x47mm up to 284x364x120mm
  • IP66/IP67
  • Graphite grey / Light grey
  • 22 sizes; optional crystal-clear cover
  • Hinge technology; mounting without screws
  • For outdoor use (f1 listing acc. to UL 746C)

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  • 181x53x150 mm up to 181x68x300 mm
  • IP40
  • Natural-coloured anodised
  • 4 standard lengths; 2 heights
  • Additional dimensions on request
  • Recessed membrane keypad area in the lid

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  • 80x44x22mm up to 209x98x35mm
  • Up to IP65
  • Graphite grey / Light grey
  • 6 sizes, seals in 5 colours
  • Flat or inclined design
  • Display / keypad surface / battery compartment

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  • 174x197x50mm up to 307x257x80mm
  • Up to IP40
  • Light grey
  • 4 basic sizes; 3 standard heights
  • Additional heights possible using extension sets
  • Design elements / Caps in 6 colour

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  • 128x199x62mm up to
  • Up to IP40
  • Agate grey / Light grey
  • 5 sizes; variable height
  • With or without air vents
  • Aluminium or plastic front panels

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Interzoll Case

  • 44x483x180mm up to 133x483x300mm
  • Up to IP40
  • Untreated/anodised aluminium
  • Standard and EMC version
  • Customer-specific sizes are possible
  • Cost-effective stamping and bending process

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