USB keypad

Plug & Play – the membrane keypad for immediate use via a USB port

We integrate configurable keypad controllers in the membrane keypad on the basis of printed electronics. This makes the ribbon cable narrower, and it can be connected directly to USB-A ports. Thanks to this system, no additional customer hardware is required for the operation of traditional membrane keypads. Plug & Play operation takes place on the basis of the HI D 1.1 standard without additional drivers.

The advantages of a USB keypad:

  • It saves costs, space and time
  • Optimal for PC or embedded system connection
  • 188 functions via 3 operating levels (FN keys)
  • 19 macros, mouse function, multimedia keys

The easy-to-use PC tool allows configuration at any time of up to 64 keys. Password protection can be created. The range of functions can be expanded to up to 188 function keys via 3 switchable operating levels. In addition, macros allow keys to be assigned to key sequences, simultaneous operations and text inputs similar to the well-known T9 keypad standard or mouse functions. This means that the USB keypads can be integrated in your embedded system and save costs, space and time.