Lacquering and powder-coating


Lacquering is an additional method of refining our enclosures and components. Lacquers are liquid or powdery coating materials which can be applied thinly to our enclosures or components and, by means of chemical or physical processes such as the vaporisation of the solvent, result in the building up of a continuous, solid film.

At BOPLA, lacquering is used primarily to achieve our customers’ decorative aims, which are intended to create a particular colour effect different from that of the standard enclosures.

If there is interest, the options for lacquering (for example, the choice of colour and material) must be discussed individually with our marketing department before a detailed estimate of costs can be prepared.


Powder- coating is a process in which powder is applied to our metal enclosures . As part of the process, the enclosures are transported by a conveyor system. Powder-coated enclosures are extremely tough mechanically, and have better mechanical characteristics (impact and scratch resistance) than the untreated metal enclosures .