Protection Classification

Important notice:The protection classifications given for the enclosures refer to unmachined enclosures as supplied. In the case of protection against water in particular (second digit), the test conditions will be met if during the given time for the experiment no water has penetrated, or not in harmful quantities. As the tests to show protection classifications take no account of ageing, the maintenance of the protection classification throughout the lifetime of the equipment is not guaranteed. Similarly, changes in temperature which may occur for example in the open air are not taken into account. Such changes in temperature may cause a loss of pressure in the enclosure, and moisture may be absorbed through the seal area. BOPLA can supply pressure compensation elements for this purpose.

The degree of protection offered by an enclosure is shown by the letters IP (Ingress Protection) and two indexes. The first index indicates two factors (protection for persons and equipment), the second index indicates only one factor (protection against water).

Important: We assume no liability for cited standards!

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