Membrane keypads

Individual membrane keypads from copper base to illuminated keys

The applications for our membrane keypads range from medical technology to the automotive industry to the waste disposal and recycling industry. Whether high demands are made of hygiene, or the systems are exposed to extreme external influences, as manufacturers of membrane keypads we supply the right HMI for every sector.

Different technologies such as Profiline, doming or with illumination make your membrane keypad a technically sophisticated eye-catcher! Size, design and colour can be designed individually by you for all our membrane keypads. Of course, integration of a keypad in our enclosure is one of our added-value services – and many of our standard enclosures are equipped with a membrane area which makes possible flush integration of the individual keypad. For some applications, the use of a keypad in combination with a front panel or a PCB offers definite advantages. In addition, front panels can also be fitted with simple front membranes and short-stroke keys.

Your benefits:

  • High-quality processing
  • User-friendly operation thanks to functional keys and additional individual features
  • Ideal for customer-specific designs – both technically and with regard to design
  • Resistant to the effects of industrial environments
  • Suitable for integration in electronics enclosures and your own operating units

All highlights at a glance - watch now!

The right technology for every application:


How is a membrane keypad constructed?

The classic membrane keypad consists of about eight layers – only the uppermost level, the “front membrane” (décor foil), is visible on the subsequent application. This front membrane is manufactured individually according to your specifications. Depending on the technology, these include additional levels such as the adhesive layer for the front membrane, a safety chamber, spacer, cable insulation, CU base and the adhesive layer onto which for example to fix the membrane keypad to the enclosure. In the middle of all these levels is the snap dome, the actual “heart” of the membrane keypad. The snap dome is responsible for the tactile response and of course also for ensuring that the function selected by the user is transferred to the electronics.

Which membrane keypads provide a tactile response via a clear tactile action point?

Although the current trend is towards touch applications, classic membrane keypads with a response via a clear tactile action point are more popular than ever. For example, our Profiline membrane keypads are ideal for this purpose. Among others, the following features stand out:

  • optimal haptics and operability
  • clear tactile action point (important for operation with gloves)
  • also available as illuminated membrane keypad.

The Profiline series consists of innovative membrane keypads which satisfy haptically and ergonomically the highest demands. The input interface stands out because of its typical “short-stroke feeling” and ideal finger guidance. The design of the membrane keypad and the number / forms of the keys comply fully with your wishes – even extremely small or large key areas can be provided. The easy-to-feel sturdy key elements are fitted between the snap dome and the front membrane. They provide not only a very good tactile response, but are also extremely sturdy. In addition to normal protection against dust and moisture, the integrated acrylic inlay also protects the snap dome against possible deformation. Not even heavy point-specific pressure can damage the key areas.

An appropriate design of the inlays allows us to meet even special requests for our keypads, which meet the highest safety standards for the operation of devices and machines. These include:

The double contact makes it easy for the user to recognise two different switch functions. This function allows the production of even single fault protection (redundant) switch concepts which are specified in safety-critical applications .


Which printing processes can be used to manufacture an individual membrane keypad?

Depending on your requirements and wishes and the type of print motif, our membrane keypads are manufactured using screen or digital processes. In accordance with the points mentioned below, and in coordination with you, we select the printing process which is most suitable for your membrane keypad.

Silk screen printing

  • High level of coverage
  • Special colours are available, e.g. gold, silver, etc.
  • Extremely tough
  • Especially durable

Digital printing

  • Representation of photorealistic designs / colour gradients
  • Low set-up costs
  • Ideal for implementing sample batches / small batches; large batches are also possible
  • The printing template can quickly be altered, e.g. changes during the sampling phase

Which types of key embossing are possible for an individual keypad?

The main reason for embossing the front membranes is to improve operation. Areas of the keys can be felt, and the membrane effect of the embossing improves the tactile response from the operating elements. Of course, embossing can also feature as a design element which highlights design membrane areas. Choose from the following forms of embossing for your membrane keypad:

Profiline embossing

This especially high embossing forms the basis of our Profiline keypads.

*May diverge, depending on membrane material.

Dome embossing

Dome or bubble embossing is possible in diameters ranging from 8 to 17 mm.

Raised embossing

Raised embossing can be executed in various forms.

Rim embossing

Rim embossing is applied as a guide for the fingers. The surface level of the front membrane and key surface remain the same.

Cap embossing

Cap embossing is a cap-shaped projection. This form of embossing is used for installation of LEDs, enabling levelling out of component height and intensification of the illumination effect.

Examples of implemented projects of enclosures with membrane keypads:

Contact – where can I request an offer for my individual membrane keypad?

We will be happy to advise you about membrane keypads and to determine, together with you, the technology which is most suitable for your application. You can find the right contact person for you in our contact search facility.

In order that we can send you as quickly as possible an offer which meets your requirements, please include in your enquiry the following information (if available). If you can include more details, you can also use our detailed enquiry form.

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What we need to calculate an offer:

  • Width × height
  • FFC length
  • Number of keys (embossing yes/no)
  • Number of LEDs
  • Number of colours (clear lacquer for viewing windows classified as additional colour)
  • Number
  • Application (interior/exterior)

So that we can process your enquiries as quickly as possible, we recommend that you provide us with the necessary information these data formats these data formats!