The final test of the modules with a function and end test is carried out by qualified specialist personnel. The standard processes and systems include:

  • automatic X-ray (AXI) and optical control systems (AOI)
  • traceability systems using an Nd:YaG laser
  • testing with a GenRad in-circuit tester and the Dr. Eschke test system
  • function and end test incl. setting up the test equipment
  • static and dynamic testing in temperature and climate chambers
  • professional HF-range testing using our product-related experience 
  • testing in our in-house HF screening chambers (damping up to 20 GHz / max. 100 dB)
  • complete EMC preview
  • multi-function absorber room
  • for antenna measurements in a reflection-free or poor environment
  • measurement of emissions (EMC/HF) / immunity and interference resistance tests, including for EMC measurements which accompany developments
  • pre-compliance measurements (clarification of any problems before testing in the test laboratory)

Technical equipment used for our quality tests

  • X-ray control systems (AXI)
  • optical control systems (AOI)
  • IC test
  • function test
  • climatic tests (+180°C to -40°C)
  • vibration test
  • absorber room
  • in-house test and measuring equipment department

Device manufacturing and test work

  • 3D product development
  • 3D prototype construction (Fused Deposition Modeling, vacuum casting, selektive laser sintering, stereo lithograpy)
  • Manufacture of samples
  • Approval tests
  • Tool production
  • Series manufacture
  • Test work and hardness tests (tightness, EMC characteristics, impact resistance)