Membrane keypad – illuminated and easy to use

Improve operating safety by using an illuminated membrane keypad

Find the exact lighting which you need for safe operation in the dark. Is your membrane keypad illuminated? Bring light into the darkness!
Here at a glance are the advantages for you of our illuminated membrane keypad :

  • We supply starting from a batch size of one unit
  • With and without embossing
  • Safe operation in darkness
  • Available in multiple colours for improved differentiation of the keys
  • Illustration of status messages
  • Easier for operators to read
  • Efficient, energy-saving technology
  • Reacts according to the lighting conditions and adapts to eyesight
  • Low-cost option for signal emission
  • The selectively illuminated symbols reduce operator errors
  • Depending on the application, a “disappearing effect” can be achieved

The technology for special light and working conditions: Our illuminated membrane keypads are especially suitable for use in dark environmental conditions. During daylight, the illumination effect is reduced by the ambient light.

The most up-to-date LED technology provides an optimal lighting experience at the workplace. In addition to improved operability in poor lighting conditions, the illuminated membrane keypad also offers an option for feedback for certain switch positions. Optimise your work processes in a secure, reliable way.

Now learn about our technology for illuminated membrane keypads:

Now learn about our technology for illuminated membrane keypads:

Profiline back-lit

The Profiline illuminated membrane keypad offers important advantages when compared with other technologies: long operating life, low energy consumption and improved tactility. This technology makes it possible to illuminate the keys separately – the light passes through a hole in the special snap dome into the integrated acrylic inlay, where it is scattered accordingly. The good tactile feel of the key element ensures excellent ease of operation for the user.

NLF Backlight

By using our innovative NLF technology, from the individual key up to a large area almost all backlighting requirements can be implemented robustly, compactly and cost-effectively. In comparison with Profiline backlit, the keys are less embossed. The use of NLF technology in the illuminated membrane keypad sectors has many advantages. They stand out thanks to their low electricity consumption, low height and mechanical flexibility .

EL membranes

EL membranes emit homogeneous light over the whole area. The high degree of efficiency means that the EL membranes consume very little power. Replacing light bulbs or LEDs with EL membranes reduces electricity consumption by more than 50%, and very little energy is lost as heat. Normally EL membranes are less than 0.3 mm thick, so they are extremely space-saving. This is one advantage of the design membrane when compared with direct selective light sources which require 2 to 3 mm thick light guides in order to achieve similar homogeneous light distribution for illumination .

Illuminated membrane keypad – ask for details now!

If the membrane keypads are illuminated, they are suitable for use in dark rooms in which 100% safe and secure operability needs to be guaranteed. These include inside a driver’s cab or in medical technology . Our membrane keypads are innovative and suitable for a very wide range of uses.

At BOPLA you can find various designs and technologies for our illuminated membrane keypads. Depending on the assembly and requirements for your devices, we will find the ideal solution for your keypads.

What our customers say:

Zitat Meiller
F.X. MEILLER Fahrzeug- und Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG / brehmermechatronics, Germany

BOPLA has helped us to implement MEILLER-related specifications and has given us excellent advice and support with regard to enclosure size, choice of seal and keypad design. For our next projects, too, we will make use of BOPLA’s enclosures and keypads

Moritz Schmidt, Development Manager at brehmermechatronics
Zitat Winkler
Winkler GmbH in Heidelberg, Germany Heating solution for industrial applications

The attractive design matches the ‘Winkler’ brand of quality, and the wide range of dimensions and front membranes give us the opportunity to set up a whole series of devices

Andreas Zenner, Managing Director

Our product range also includes:

We will be happy to answer your questions and give you advice. Ensure a safe and energy-saving working environment by using BOPLA’s illuminated membrane keypads. Why not enquire now?


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