Hand-held enclosures

Sit well in the hand: BOPLA's hand-held enclosures

Our comprehensive range includes hand-held enclosures with different shapes, designs and materials. All hand-held enclosures are ideal for mobile data recording in the fields of wireless communication, mobile monitoring of data and operations, automation technology and measurement, and control and instrumentation applications. Depending on their characteristics, they are suitable for use in both harsh outdoor conditions and indoors. In the hand-held enclosure sector, a recessed area is ideal for use for the mounting of membrane keypads or decorative front membranes, and these are always available on request. In addition, many of the available hand-held enclosures are fitted with a display window and a battery compartment. Of course, our hand-held enclosures can be adapted individually, and at any time, to meet your requirements with the aid of mechanical processing, printing or the fitting of cable glands, terminals, etc. Our manufacturing team is here to help you at any time.

Advantages of our hand-held enclosures:

  • up to protection class IP68
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • optimal for use as a manual control unit
  • recessed surface for fitting a membrane keypad
  • also possible: individual machining, printing, assembly

Examples of applications in the hand-held enclosure sector:

To match your new hand-held enclosure: HMI systems and membrane keypads for every requirement

  • High-quality processing
  • User-friendly operation thanks to functional keys and additional individual features
  • Ideal for customer-specific designs – both technically and with regard to design
  • Resistant to the effects of industrial environments
  • Suitable for integration in electronics enclosures and your own operating units

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  • 130x75x26 mm up to 285x198x46 mm
  • Up to IP65
  • Black / White
  • 5 basic sizes (flat / inclined)
  • Battery compartment, design seal, impact protection
  • for touch screens / displays


  • 74x33x100mm up to 187x55x100mm
  • Up to IP66 / IP68 – 1.2m (2 hours)
  • Graphite grey / Silver
  • 3 profile variants
  • 4 profile cross-sections
  • Functional end covers
  • Design seals in 5 colours


  • 57x32x100 mm up to 210x74x1000 mm
  • Up to IP65
  • Black
  • 3 profile variants
  • 9 profile cross-sections
  • Special lengths available at short notice
  • Functional end covers


  • 78x45x18mm up to 236x125x41mm
  • Up to IP65
  • Agate grey
  • 6 sizes, caps in 6 colours
  • Various battery compartments
  • Display cut-out / Keypad surface


BOS Streamline
  • 80x44x22mm up to 209x98x35mm
  • Up to IP65
  • Graphite grey / Light grey
  • 6 sizes, seals in 5 colours
  • Flat or inclined design
  • Display / keypad surface / battery compartment


BOS Ecoline
  • 58x22x100 mm up to 106x52x200 mm
  • Up to IP54
  • Natural-coloured anodised
  • 3 profile variants, 4 profile cross-sections
  • Special lengths available at short notice
  • Covers optional with wall fitting


  • 100x65x24mm up to 224x106x40mm
  • Up to IP65
  • Black / Agate grey
  • 8 sizes; various designs
  • Display cut-out or front membrane area
  • Various battery compartments


  • 251x91x46mm up to 251x91x80mm
  • IP65
  • Light grey
  • 2 sizes with continuous protective collar
  • High stability because of glassbead-reinforced polyamide


We offer you the following services for these products:

01 Mechanische Bearbeitung


02 Bedrucken


03 Laserbeschriften

Laser marking

05 Bestuecken


06 EMV Beschichten

EMC coating

09 Wunschfarbe

Preferred colour

13 Tastaturen

Membrane keypads

07 Touch Display

Touch / display integration

08 Montieren


11 Pruefen


12 Verpackung

Individual packing

10 Musterservice

Sample service