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Alustyle - Enclosures
  • 3 profile variants
  • 4 profile cross-sections
  • Standard lengths ex warehouse
  • Special lengths available at short notice
  • Functional diecast zinc end covers
  • Ingress protection up to IP 67
  • Good EMC shielding
  • Powder-coating, depending on type, similar to RAL 7024 or 9006
  • Design seals in 5 colours
  • Special colours on request
  • Wide range of accessories


Graphite grey, similar to RAL 7024 or silver, similar to RAL 9006; dark grey seal; special colours on request
Protection class
ASP: up to IP 66 / IP 68 - 1,2m (2 hours) / DIN EN 60529 when used with ASD; ASPH: IP 65/DIN EN 60529; ASPU: IP 40/DIN EN 60529
Enclosure material
Extruded profiles: Al Mg Si 0.5 powder-coated; diecast lid: zinc alloy Z410, powder-coated; seal: TPE; for details see Technical Information


  • Variable lengths and the profile variants closed (ASP), horizontally divided (ASPH) or open on one side (ASPU) ensure versatile uses.
  • Recessed profile side for mounting membrane keypads up to 2 mm; smooth profile side for printing, laser engraving etc.
  • The PCB plug-ins have identical dimensions on all levels up to immediately under the lid area.
  • Contact surfaces which contact the lid to the profile guarantee good EMC protection. EMC seals are available if greater protection is required.
  • ASD – end cover with a 2 mm recessed area for fitting keypads or technical components.
  • Removable or hinged lids with a high level of protection are available when battery compartments or service interfaces are required.
  • The enclosure can be used on edge or inclined by means of a tower or tip-up foot inserted from the side.
  • Different design elements provide individual colour options and mechanical protection for the enclosure.
  • For wall mounting: wall fitting (AS…WB), wall bracket (AS…WL), universal wall fitting (AS…UWB)


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