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Modular assembly design, DIN rail bus connectors and a choice of terminal blocks make this program stand out from the rest

CombiNorm-Connect - Enclosures
  • 7 widths
  • Minimal design width with a maximum number of poles
  • Optimal proportional relationship between PCB surface area and enclosure size
  • Standard scope of delivery includes front panels and transparent hoods
  • DIN rail bus connectors with gold-plated contacts
  • Spring-cage terminal blocks
  • Screw connection terminal blocks, fixed and pluggable into one another


Light grey, similar to RAL 7035;special colours on request
Protection class
IP 20/DIN EN 60529
Enclosure material
Polyamide, UL 94 V0; for details see Technical Information


Assembly instructions
Product brochure


  • Snapping-on a DIN rail is also possible with DIN rail bus connectors (gold-plated contacts ensure high product quality).
  • Because of the bus connectors, the supply and signal voltages are looped through. Individual modules can be removed without interrupting connection to the other devices.
  • Spring cage and screw-type terminals for wiring. The terminals are inserted during the soldering process, so the complete module can easily be inserted into the enclosure.
  • Large front surfaces for display or operating units, protected by a collapsible hood. The front panels can easily be processed and printed.
  • The enclosure elements are snapped onto each other, the foot catch is mounted, the front panel is plugged in, and the crystal-clear hood is fixed.
  • Optional is a functional earth ground contact for use with the conductive connection between PCB and DIN rail.
  • CNT...TB: Openings for DIN rail bus connectors.
    CNT-BV 12.. for CNT 12 TB
    CNT-BV 17.. for CNT 17, 35 TB
    CNT-BV 22.. for CNT 22, 45, 67, 90 TB
  • Openings of width 17 and greater can be closed with BLTB filler plugs if required.
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