• IP degree of protection: Maximum degree of protection acc. to IEC/EN 60529 which can be achieved with this product series. For some product series, for example, a seal may be required and is available as an accessory.
  • Variable in dimensions: The product series is manufactured using profile technology, so the dimensions are variable.
  • Locking: The enclosures in this series can be locked. For some product series, a lock (available as an accessory) is required.
  • Wall mounting: The enclosures in this product series can be mounted on a wall without the need for additional processing. Wall brackets (available as accessories) are required for some product series.
  • Hinged catch: The product series is fitted with an integrated hinge, so the lid is captive. For some product series, a hinge (available as an accessory) is required.

CombiCard 1000-3000 / CombiSet 500

The modular system for this series of enclosures allows optimal integration of electronic components

CombiCard 1000-3000 / CombiSet 500
  • 4 widths
  • The depth can be varied by combining the components (not with CC 500)
  • Various fronts
  • Optional rear element with separate terminal compartment (not with CC 500)
  • Definable access protection
  • Installation of 19" components possible
  • Comprehensive range of accessories

Application examples


All front, basic and rear elements in the same basic size can be combined individually.
Mounting of the enclosure components is by means of tie bars. Front and rear parts (without the base element) can be mounted directly in this way. Front and rear parts can also be mounted directly (without base element).
Euro cards etc. can be fitted in the large mounting space.
A rear lid RD ... K with a terminal compartment, or a rear lid with a large terminal compartment RD...GK, offers plenty of space for various connections.
Different hinge options for the system components provide access to the electronics.
Crystal-clear fronts are available to provide an optimal view of the electronics.
A basic element for control panel mounting acc. to DIN IEC 61554 is also available.
Removable front panel possible as front element.
19" internal constructions for backplanes or connectors acc. to DIN EN 60603-2 are also possible.



Base elements light grey, similar to RAL 7035; front lid FD…G crystal-clear, front and rear elements graphite grey, similar to RAL 7024; special colours on request

Protection Class

Up to IP 65/DIN EN 60529, depending on the version

Enclosure Material

ABS; PC (only crystal-clear lids), seal made of EPDM; for details see Technical Information

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