Pressure compensation elements

Small elements with a great effect – we explain why it is so important to have pressure compensation in the enclosure!

If enclosures are not equipped with pressure compensation, the interaction of temperatures with the effects of water and moisture can result in moisture being drawn in through the seal and into the enclosure. IP protection can no longer be guaranteed! In order to compensate for these pressure fluctuations caused by differences in temperature, we strongly recommend the use of a pressure compensation element (DAE) (pressure compensation valve).

This happens when there is no DAE even though temperature fluctuations exist:

Note: Of course, this is only an experimental setup for better representation of the situation. In real outdoor applications, the water is not drawn in through a hose but “breathed in” through the seal in many cycles.

NEW:  DAE calculators – you need this number of elements!

The number of pressure compensation elements required is dependent on various key factors. In order to ensure that you can determine the correct quantity of elements for your application, we are providing you here with a downloadable DAE calculator in the form of an Excel file.

Now have a look at the details of pressure compensation elements

Our online catalogue includes a large selection of plastic and metal pressure compensation elements. When they are built in, protection classes IP 66, IP 68 (0.2 bar, 60 min) and IP 69 can be achieved!

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