Enclosure with timeless design for universal use

  • 4 sizes
  • Front panels in various materials
  • Optimised for time-saving mounting
  • Numerous installation options for PCBs – horizontal and vertical
  • Large mounting space for rectangular PCBs



Light grey, similar to RAL 7035

Protection Class

IP 40/DIN EN 60529

Enclosure Material

PS (polystyrene); for details see Technical Information


Timeless design and clear styling
Separate front panels for easy processing
Plastic or aluminium front panels, as required
Concealed (“invisible”) arrangement of screws
Fast opening and closing with just two screws
Depending on the design, optional screwless latching of the PCBs
PCB mounting in the base and lid
Plug-in options for vertical PCB mounting
Optional rubber feet ensure high level of stability and slip resistance
Categories: Display enclosures,  Enclosures up to IP 40 / DIN EN 60529,  Desktop enclosures,  Control panel enclosures,  Plastic enclosures,  Empty enclosures,  Enclosures,  Standard enclosures