• IP degree of protection: Maximum degree of protection acc. to IEC/EN 60529 which can be achieved with this product series. For some product series, for example, a seal may be required and is available as an accessory.
  • Variable in dimensions: The product series is manufactured using profile technology, so the dimensions are variable.
  • Railway standard DIN EN 45545: The material in the product series complies with the requirements of railway standard DIN EN 45545 for use with maximum hazard level HL3.
  • Wall mounting: The enclosures in this product series can be mounted on a wall without the need for additional processing. Wall brackets (available as accessories) are required for some product series.


Aluminium profile enclosure series with many variants

  • More than 100 standard enclosures, comprised of 6 widths, up to 6 heights, 3 variants and various standard lengths
  • Profile variants: Variant with membrane keypad area (1 mm and 1.5 mm), variant with cooling fins, variant with moulded-on wall brackets
  • Special lengths available at short notice
  • Anodised aluminium end cover

Application examples


Filotec consists of two aluminium profile half-shells which are mounted with the help of the cover.
The enclosure profiles are equipped with grooves to hold PCBs or mounting panels.
Size F 5.. / F 10.. offers a version with cooling fins and wall brackets as standard.
A profile with moulded-on wall brackets is also available in size F 5.. / F 10..
All enclosures are equipped with a 1 mm or 1.5 mm recessed surface for membrane keypads.
The covers offer various options for fitting connectors, printing, etc.
Combinations of size F 5.. / F 10.. profiles with cooling fins on both sides are always available on request.
Combinations of profile with membrane keypad area, and profile with cooling fins, is available on request in size F 5../ F 10.. .



Natural-coloured anodised

Protection Class

IP 40/DIN EN 60529

Enclosure Material

Al Mg Si 0.5 anodised; for details, please see Technical Information


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