Unique, innovative, versatile enclosure made of ABS or polycarbonate UL 94 V0

  • Patented, innovative, hinged quick-release catch technology without screws: open with a screwdriver, close by hand
  • 23 sizes, 138 standard combinations possible
  • 2 material types: ABS or PC UL 94 V0, flame-resistant and self-extinguishing
  • Captive lid with membrane keypad area, available in 2 variants: grey or crystal-clear
  • Elegant design, hinged quick-release catches available in different colours
  • Excellent recyclability because of mono-material plastics without injection-moulded metal parts



Graphite grey, similar to RAL 7024; light grey, similar to RAL 7035; special colours on request

Protection Class

IP 66/IP 68 - 1,2m (2 hours) DIN EN 60529

Enclosure Material


ABS or PC UL 94 V0 (material is suitable for outdoor use; f1-listing according to UL 746C)

PU seal, foamed; for details please see Technical Information



Bocube consists of few parts, so it can easily be mounted by hand. Open it by means of a screwdriver (size 3).
The hinged catch ensures that the lid is captive and can be used ideally as a display enclosure.
As an alternative to the hinged catch, the enclosures can be screwed. The hinged catch conceals the screws.
Wall brackets can be used for all Bocube sizes and are screwed into the drilling holes on the back of the enclosure base.
The blanking plugs allow the hinged side to be selected as required.
Rectangular front panels or PCBs can be mounted in the base (by using distance bolts) and in the lid.
Coloured hinges (tool-operated or hand-operated, as required). Transparent hinges available on request.
PC UL 94 V0 material is suitable for outdoor use (f1 listing acc. to to UL 746C and corresponds to requirements set R 22 acc. to DIN EN 45545-2 of hazard level HL3.


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