Custom-designed enclosures – from the idea to series manufacture!

We manufacture enclosures according to your individual specifications and choice of manufacturing process!

For many years, manufacturing custom-designed enclosures and components using different materials and processing methods has been part of our range of services and products. In addition, and on request, we manufacture prototypes for fault-analysis and very small runs for field tests. To a large extent, the choice of manufacturing process depends on the type and use of your enclosure and on the batch size. For example, we can produce prototypes quickly and at low cost, but making a special injection or die-cast tool is only worthwhile for larger quantities.


Custom-designed enclosures – examples of applications

Here is a small selection of customers’ projects which have already been implemented. Whether plastic injection-moulding, aluminium die-casting or bent sheet metal technology are best – working together with you, we determine the optimal manufacturing process for your application.

Our offer comprises


  • Specification

  • Preliminary costing


  • Filling study

  • Prototype construction

  • Preparation of drawing


  • Tool drawing

  • Tool manufacture

Production process

  • Plastic injection moulding

  • Aluminium extruded profiles

  • Aluminium die-casting

  • Zinc die-casting

  • Stamping and bending technology


  • Milling

  • Drilling

  • Counter-sinking

  • Punching

  • Sawing

  • ...


  • Printing

  • Lacquering

  • Engraving

  • Laser marking

  • EMC screening


  • HMI integration

  • Assembly

  • Wiring

  • Cable assembly

Testing & packing

  • IP-, IK-, climatic test

  • EMC test

  • ESD-compliant packaging

  • Individual packaging

  • Returnable packaging

  • Logistics concept

Metal, aluminium profile and die-cast enclosures

We manufacture both standard and individual metal enclosures using different processes and alloys: aluminium, zinc or magnesium die-cast enclosures, sheet metal enclosures made of steel or aluminium, and profile enclosures made of extruded aluminium profiles. Individually-manufactured metal enclosures

  • are especially sturdy
  • provide a high level of stability and impact resistance
  • are ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions thanks to high chemical and temperature resistance
  • provide good opportunities for EMC screening

Plastic injection moulding

Depending on the external influences to which they are exposed, standard plastic or aluminium enclosures are produced in large series. Plastic enclosures are manufactured using the plastic injection moulding process, in which the plastic used is liquefied and then injected into a metal injection mould. The plastic cools and solidifies again and can be removed as a finished enclosure part. Reworking is normally not necessary.

  • Individual shaping such as design edges (e.g. Bocube) or curves and domes (z.B. Bocard) of the components
  • Low unit costs in series production
  • Suitable from an annual quantity of 500 to 1,000 units

To make an individual offer, we need information about the following criteria:

Type of enclosure

  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Aluminium die-casting
  • Zinc die-casting
  • Aluminium profile enclosure
  • Stamped & bent enclosure
  • Modified enclosures on 19“ basis

Temperature / Fire protection

  • Temperature resistance
  • Fire behaviour acc. to UL 94: HB, V0, V1, V2

Resistance to environmental effects and weather conditions

  • UV exposure
  • Chemical influences
  • Temperature fluctuations relating to moisture
  • Use of pressure compensation elements
  • IP protection class

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