Plastic enclosures

BOPLA offers an enormous range of plastic enclosures

Worldwide, BOPLA is the enclosure supplier with the largest range of plastic enclosures, and these offer the following advantages: attractive prices, low weight, a high degree of functionality, and a sophisticated appearance. The low weight of the plastic ensures that, for example, it is often used for a hand-held enclosure in the field of mobile control units. Of course, our range of products also includes versions as console, desktop or DIN rail enclosures. As soon as the decision has been taken to use a plastic enclosure, the various types can be compared. We use different plastic granulates to ensure that customer requirements are met in the best possible way in respect of dimensional stability under heat, and with resistance to impact and chemicals. However, all our plastic enclosures have one thing in common: depending on the type, and including the seal, display, membrane keypad and battery compartment, they can all be ordered and mechanically processed and assembled by our expert teams in Bünde. And if you cannot find a suitable plastic enclosure in our wide range, we will design and manufacture your own special individual article!

We offer you the following services for these products:



Laser marking


EMC coating

Preferred colour

Membrane keypads

Touch / display integration



Individual packing

Sample service