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BOCUBE ALU – a functional metal enclosure for tough environments!

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Bocube Alu – functional metal enclosure for demanding situations

With its innovative design, the new Bocube Alu series of enclosures sets new trends in the diecast enclosure sector. It protects sensitive electronics even in harsh ambient conditions. All the enclosure components – including the hinges, which are captively integrated with the enclosure as standard…


Touch screen integration for every enclosure

Touch screens and displays for plant control systems continue to be very popular for enclosures used in industrial environments. BOPLA meets this development not just with its own series of enclosures, but also integrates the screens with an input function in all BOPLA standard enclosures.


Bocube enclosures – indestructible even in outdoor use

The innovative and versatile industrial enclosures in the Bocube series are trendsetters. There are few individual parts, which simplifies assembly, and single-sort plastics without injected metal parts make recycling easy. In addition, because of their weather resistance, Bocube enclosures made…



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