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Üres műszerdobozt a specialistától: BOPLA igen sokféle terméket gyárt.

BOPLA is one of the best-known companies in the enclosure sector, and is also a manufacturer of all kinds of empty enclosures. For more than 40 years we have been developing and marketing the empty enclosures for a very wide range of applications in the electronics industry, and for measurement and instrumentation technology and security, information and medical technology. Our empty enclosures have been successful primarily because of their excellent quality, their functionality and their attractive and innovative designs for numerous versions. Our comprehensive range includes empty plastic and metal enclosures for wall-mounted, console and hand-operated applications.

    Thanks to the many services available at our Bünde headquarters, all empty enclosures can be adapted to meet customers' individual requirements. In addition, many of the empty enclosures are equipped with a recessed area which can be equipped with membrane keypads, front membranes or displays.



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