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Interzoll Case

A cost-effective metal enclosure – individual and tailor-made

Interzoll Case - Enclosures, 19" enclosures
  • project-specific enclosures using stamping and bending technology
  • Variants: Console enclosures, desktop enclosures, DIN rail enclosures, monitor enclosures, cavity wall installation enclosures, 19” enclosures
  • small production runs (50 pieces)
  • Interzoll Case 19” acc. to DIN IEC 60297-3-101


Protection class
Depending on enclosure construction up to IP 40 / DIN EN 60529;
higher project-specific protection classes on request
Enclosure material
Individually manufactured, for example of aluminium, steel or stainless steel. Other materials and surface coatings available on request at any time.


Assembly instructions
Product brochure


  • Metal enclosures – cost-effective and tailor-made.
  • Fast implementation thanks to pre-constructed enclosure concept.
  • Differing enclosure concepts or design ideas possible for shape and colour.
  • Enclosure break-throughs and holders for circuit boards allow flexible implementation. Ventilation openings can be provided on request in the entire basic body.
  • Printing makes individual designs for the enclosure possible.
  • Numerous surface improvements
  • Pre-destined for integration of membrane keypads and touch screens.
  • Good heat dissipation and stability
  • EMC and ESD version on request


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