Outdoor capabilities of plastic enclosures

BOPLA plastic enclosures qualified for outdoor use are produced from granulates tested for outdoor applications.

The corresponding materials have all been subjected to testing in accordance with the UL746C standard "Polymeric Materials - Use in Electrical Equipment". This materials testing program also includes artificial weathering:

  1. 1000 hours under exposure to xenon-arc weathering
  2. Seven days of water-immersion testing at 70° C

Prior to and after weathering, the material is tested for all relevant properties, such as flammability, mechanical parameters, etc.. The results of the tests are recorded in two categories on the material's Yellow Card (citation from UL test documentation):

(f1) — This footnote indicates that the material meets both the UV and the moisture and immersion-test requirements of UL 746C. The material is suitable for use in outdoor areas that are exposed to UV radiation, moisture and underwater conditions in acc. with UL 746C.

(f2) — This footnote indicates that the material has been tested only partially for exposure to UV radiation, moisture and/or underwater conditions or that it has passed these tests only to a restricted extent. The material has been subjected to one or more of the following tests: UV radiation, moisture and/or underwater conditions in acc. with UL 746C, approval for use outdoors having been defined by UL.

(source: UL; de.industries.ul.com/plastics-and-components/plastics/plastics-testing; 02.05.2019)

The Bocube range consists of classical outdoor enclosures that feature F1 listing and are qualified for use in outdoor applications. 

Our Bocube enclosure solution is notable for:

  • Innovative no-screws hinged closure system
  • Screwdriver opening, manual closing
  • 23 sizes, 138 potential standard combinations
  • Tethered lid with space for membrane keypad
  • The material PC UL 94 V0 is suitable for outdoor use (F1 listing in acc. with UL 746C)

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