Special colours/material for plastic enclosures

On principle all plastic enclosures can be produced in special colours to meet customers' wishes. However, the following factors need to be borne in mind:

  1. The colour required can only be approximately achieved for production reasons.
  2. In choosing the colour, wherever possible only the standard palette published by the raw materials manufacturer should be used, as this will enable subsequent orders to be as close as possible to the original colour. The delivery time and the quantity of the raw material required are ensured within certain limits.
  3. Our series production has to be interrupted to set up the necessary mould. The plant has to be thoroughly cleaned of the previous material, to ensure that no impurities enter the special colour.
  4. The cleaning required before the special colour can be used causes material losses.


When we make our plastic products in special colours and/or special materials, the following deviations from our standard products are possible for material and preduction reasons:

  • Standard products are subject to the tolerances under DIN 16901. In the case of special materials, the nominal dimensions change in accordance with the oscillation difference from the special material, as do the tolerance groups.
  • Deviations in dimensions and shapes from the standard versions are due to differences in shrinkage and shrinkage behaviour.
  • Deviations in colour from standard or RAL colour charts occur.
  • In other surface properties, such as.
    • gloss
    • structures
    • lines of flow or streaks on dark colours
  • stronger ridges may form
  • colour additives cab affect the material properties (combustibility, UV resistance)
  • or others