General Hints for Machining Plastic Enclosures

Milling, Drilling

When machining plastic enclosures the tools must be cooled with oil-free air. Drilling coolants and separators can cause splitting and tearing. When using separators containing silicon subsequent imprinting and lacquering is not possible as the laxquer would not adhere properly. In case of doubt please ask for information.
Our machining service excludes these risks.


When plastic parts are punched corners can tear or break.


The quality for a glued joint depends on the materials to be glued, the size of the glued area and the adhesive used.
The following should be born in mind:

  1. Only glue the same materials (e.g. ABS to ABS)
  2. Glue as large an area as possible
  3. Use suitable glues and follow the technical instructions
  4. Test the adhesion under conditions of use, such as temperature, strain etc. before starting series production.

This glue kit has been assembled on the basis of our experience. The items will enable you to try out a variety of glueing techniques. All the items can also ordered direct from the manufacturer from the enclosed list.