Notes on seawater-resistant version

SBGL: Seawater-resistant primed and lacquered. This version has a special lacquer and the following design:
• Seawater-resistant priming
• 2K - PUR lacquer or as per specification

SWB: This version is powder-coated:
• Polyester powder, silk gloss (fine) / structure (coarser) or as per specification
• Internal parts completely powder-coated

Before being coated to give corrosion protection, these parts are either passivated (Cr(III)-based) or depending on specification and release, yellow-chromated (Cr(VI)-based). These parts also meet the salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227 NSS (1000 hours).

These lacquering processes are only suitable for aluminium parts. Polyester enclosures cannot be supplied in seawater-resistant primed and lacquered (SBGL) or seawater-resistant (SWB) versions because the temperatures needed to burn on the lacquers are too hot for the material.