Material database

After you have selected the required enclosure series in the BOPLA material database, you will see an overview of the materials used for the standard enclosures in our catalogue. Various data sheets (material data sheet, UL listing, data sheet VDA) are available as PDF downloads.

Important information on the materials data:

Please note that the information in the material database is based on current knowledge. The tests on basic materials and dyestuffs were carried out and certified by the manufacturers of the material. Changes to the certified values and characteristics may occur during manufacture of the moulding compound and as a result of the addition of any dyestuffs. Any specific or tacit guarantee or warranty or assurance of characteristics or any other liability in connection with the use of the information contained in these certificates is excluded. The customer is not released from the obligation to check whether the materials used correspond to his conditions of use in accordance with the currently valid legal requirements.

I have read and agreed to this information.

The list shows the materials which BOPLA is currently using. In rare cases, materials used during earlier manufacture may also be found. Subject to change without prior notice.

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